Enviro Policy


The intent of this standard is to ensure that NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd manage their environmental related aspects in a manner that is planned, controlled, monitored, recorded and audited, using an Environmental Management System (EMS) that drives continual performance improvement.

This Standard will provide the comprehensive framework for the implementation of the other NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd Environmental Standards.


This Standard is applicable to all NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd Business Units. The Standard covers all activities of the NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd Group. It also applies to contractors and suppliers with the level of EMS implementation commensurate to the level of hazard associated with the products and services provided by the contractor or supplier.

Other relevant documents are:

• ARD Prediction and Control Standard
• Air Quality Control Standard
• Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Standard
• Hazardous Materials and Contamination Control Standard
• Land Use Stewardship Standard
• Mineral Waste Management Standard

• Non-Mineral Waste Management Standard
• Noise and Vibration Standard
• Water Use and Quality Control Standard
• NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd Occupational Health Standards
• NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd Safety Standards


NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd managed Operations are required to:

Maintain an Environmental Management System conforming to the AS/NZS 14001: 2004 Standard.

Ensure that the EMS is compatible with the overall management system of the Business Unit and in particular with the occupational health and safety management systems.

Ensure that contractors and suppliers are encouraged to maintain an EMS.

Ensure that contractors are treated as employees for all purposes of the EMS application and maintain a contractor environmental management procedure covering as a minimum:

a. Pre-qualification of Contractor
b. Pre-bid Meeting/Discussions
c. Bid Documents
d. Selection
e. Contract Terms
f. Pre-job Conference
g. Monitoring and Evaluation
h. Feedback


Ensure that the environmental policy is aligned and compatible with the NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd corporate environment policy and all voluntary environment related policy principles contained in codes and charters adopted by NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd.


In conformity with the adopted international EMS standard and considering the corresponding NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd Guidance Notes:

• Identify the environmental aspects and assess the significance of their impacts;
• Identify the applicable legal, NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd and other requirements;
• Establish environmental objectives and targets;
• Establish environmental management programmes.

Consider as a minimum, the following list in the process of identifying environmental aspects associated with the operation:

a. Emissions to air
b. Greenhouse gas emissions
c. Noise and vibration
d. Releases to underground and surface waters
e. Mineral and non-mineral waste generation and disposal
f. Land use
g. Use of hazardous materials
h. Use of natural resources
i. Changes to ecosystems
j. Product life cycle

Where any of the environmental aspects in the list is not applicable to the operation, keep a register with a documented justification of that.

Ensure that new activities, organisational arrangements and management procedures or changes to existing ones are subjected to previous identification of their environmental aspects and impact assessment through a change management procedure.

Identify all relevant internal and external business and operational environmental data requirements and establish the data quality provisions necessary to ensure:

a. Completeness
b. Comparability
c. Representativeness
d. Methods used are defensible and
e. Accuracy and precision


In conformity with the adopted international EMS standard and considering the corresponding NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd Service’s Guidance Notes:

• Define environmental management structure and responsibilities;
• Ensure personnel are trained, aware and competent for managing the environmental aspects and impacts related to their roles;
• Establish internal and external communication procedures;
• Maintain the EMS elements documented;
• Establish and maintain document control procedures;
• Implement operational control of environmental aspects;
• Maintain an environmental emergency preparedness and response procedure and capability.

Designate operational control of the relevant environmental aspects as a clear and accountable responsibility of line management. This must include the authority, resources and competence required for operating to established plans and procedures and for achieving the specified environmental performance outcomes and targets.

Establish a cross-functional committee, including the line managers, to support the development, implementation and operation of the EMS including the establishment of targets and objectives on environmental matters.

Ensure that the Manager (or equivalent) is fully aware of, and adequately resourced to manage the environmental aspects connected with the Operation.

Establish a communication programme related to environmental aspects including keeping records of:

a. Stakeholder complaints, enquiries and views;
b. Responses and feedback to (a).

Ensure that no material change in process or management that might involve an environmental aspect is carried out prior to competent process of approval, communication and incorporation into appropriate routines or procedures.

Establish, document and implement procedures, including quality control elements, for the measurement or estimation of all environmental data requirements.

The procedures must:

a. Encompass all of the principal and ancillary parameters for which environmental data must be measured or estimated;
b. Ensure that the measurement or estimate is consistent with the criteria against which the data are to be evaluated;
c. Detail the method(s) for ensuring that the measurement or estimate takes into account the inherent variability of the operation’s activities;
d. Detail the method(s) for measurement/estimations that are consistent with external requirements and recognized good practice; and
e. Include an estimate of uncertainty.


In conformity with the adopted international EMS standard, comply with the following
requirements of that standard:

• Maintain procedures to monitor and measure activities that can lead to impact on the environment;
• Maintain procedures for handling non-conformances and for corrective and preventive actions;
• Maintain procedures for environmental record-keeping; and
• Maintain procedures of environmental management system and performance auditing.

Review environmental data on a regular basis and take corrective actions if quality requirements are not met.

Establish a process of internal environmental audits covering environmental performance and the environmental management system.

Ensure the following conditions for the internal environmental auditing are met:

a. The members of an audit team must be sufficiently removed from the activities they audit to ensure independence of the audit process and its findings;
b. Develop and maintain audit protocols that reflect the environmental aspects and significant impacts of each activity/operation/business to be audited;
c. The frequency and coverage of the auditing process must be compatible with the significance of the potential environmental impacts;
d. A documented report must be prepared for each environmental audit, including the significant audit findings to be reported.

Establish a system for recording and reporting all incidents involving injury, damage to property or damage to the environment or the potential for such injury or damage.

This system must satisfy applicable regulatory requirements.

Establish a system for ensuring that a written report of Significant Incidents is submitted to the Manager of NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd within 24 hours of their occurrence.

Establish a system for ensuring that environment incidents of relevance to other Group operations are e-mailed to all NC Electrical & Airconditioning Pty Ltd employees within even days of their occurrence.

Investigate any significant environmental incidents and non-conformances using qualified and trained personnel and transparent procedures. Incident and investigation reports must be communicated in accordance with the Procedure for Reporting Investigation of Fatal and Critical Incidents.


Assess environmental performance regularly and review objectives and targets to maintain continual improvement.

Conduct a review of the EMS by senior management at least every three years or at lesser intervals if needed. The review process and its outcomes must be documented and signed off by management.


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