NC Electrical are specialist Data and Voice Communications Cabling contractors who have undertaken many small, medium and large sized communications projects.

We are Specialists in installation and testing of all data and fibre optic cabling, wireless LAN and WAN networks, telephone systems and digital CCTV. Servicing small, medium and large businesses.


NC Electrical specialises in and provides Structured Cabling Electrical Services to valued commercial and residential clients and more, including Network/Ethernet cabling, Foxtel and Phone Cabling.

It’s important to work with the experts, especially one that’s accredited. There are a lot of services included in structured cabling which include the following

Network Cabling/Wiring

NC Electrical provides expert advice and solutions for IT cabling requirements. Our team of Master Electricians adhere to national and international standards in cable and networking to ensure efficient IT performance in your business.

Structured Network Cabling/Wiring

Our Master Electricians ensure that data applications of your structured network are precise and efficient. Our experts ensure that your cabling installation helps your business, especially small and medium IT companies in NT, get the best telecommunication infrastructure and data transmission.

Ethernet Cabling/Wiring

Another essential service that our expert electricians at NC Electrical provide is setting up Ethernet Cable wiring using Cat 5, Cat 6, or fibre optic to get the best Internet connection. We help companies manage their Ethernet wiring to ensure optimum connectivity for their online business transactions.

Foxtel Cabling/Wiring

If you want to install or reinstall Foxtel in your home or business, then NC Electrical cabling service is the best choice. Our expert electricians can provide internal and external wiring. We can also install wires and cables during construction that adheres to specifications to ensure that your property is Foxtel ready.

Internet Cabling/Wiring

NC Electrical is an Internet cabling expert, as this is one of the primary services we provide. Our expert team of Master Electricians ensures that your property has sophisticated and efficient internet wiring that adheres to both national and international standards.

NBN Cabling/ Wiring

The Australian Cabler Registration Service highly recommends letting the experts do your National Broadband Network or NBN cable, and that’s why NC Electrical is here. We ensure that upgrading your cable and wires are handled promptly, professionally, and follows the different safety schemes.

Testing and Commissioning

With every cabling installation we ensure testing for adequate data transmission speeds to ensure the full capacity of the cable is being utilised. Aside from this, we also want to ensure that your workplace is safe and efficient, especially for IT companies.

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