Appliance Testing & Tagging

Appliance Testing & Tagging

The aim of test and tagging is to determine if the appliance is electrically safe for use.

The appliance undergoes a visual inspection for defects such as damage or missing components and a number of electrical tests to measure earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity.

Electrical safety and regular inspections of your electrical tools, appliances, power leads, extension leads and all other workplace and home electrical equipment are not to be taken lightly.

Each year in Australia there are dozens of workplace related deaths caused by electrocution, many serious injuries and destructive fires. Most of these could have been prevented with regular testing and inspections.


Electrical safety is a major occupational health and safety concern. The high risk posed by electricity means that it is necessary to manage electrical safety as an integral part of daily workplace operations.

Using NC Electrical to test your electrical appliances for faults and damage gives you peace of mind and assures all electrical equipment is safe from the dangers of electrical fault.


Employers and persons in control of workplaces throughout Australia have a common duty of care under health and safety laws to provide a safe workplace environment. WorkCover legislation concerning electrical safety places the duty of care on the employer. No employer or principal is exempt.

The Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010 is very clear about the need to ensure regular inspection and testing of all electrical equipment in the workplace.

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