Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

NC Electrical are located in Darwin and have been established for almost 10 years. All of our tradesmen are qualified and licensed to install air conditioning equipment.

All of our ducted system installations utilise the top-rated ducting and flex available on the market. Air Conditioners supplied offer superior technology and are leaders in their field.

We understand that you may be getting additional quotations for your air conditioning requirements. In this regard we would be more than happy to discuss and compare your quotes to help you make an informed decision.

We supply and install Commercial Air Conditioning Systems and Residential systems including Split Systems and Ducted Systems. Offering you superior quality, flexibility and economy.

The main problem with evaporator coils is because the conditions are perfect for the growth of bacteria and mould. When the bacteria grows it restricts the flow of air passing through the evaporator blades which is why it won’t blow cold air. Having your air conditioners serviced regularly will save you money as the unit will not be working at 100% and will only take a fraction of the time to cool the same room when working at maximum airflow and efficiency.

For indoor units we use a product specially designed for cleaning evaporator coils it is a foaming agent and pushes dirt, dust and bacteria out from in-between the blades.
A low power battery operated power washer is used to wash down the coil and fan blades once soak is complete. We test drain pipe to see if there is any restrictions or blockages. We then use an antibacterial agent to spray on the coil to slow down the growth of bacteria and mould. We recommend that the units be serviced every quarter for preventive maintenance.


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Your air conditioning system is just like your car. It needs to be serviced regularly.

For your peace of mind, entrust the regular maintenance of your air conditioning system to a Specialist – this way, you will optimise the performance and longevity of your unit.

As a Specialist We can carry out periodic maintenance of your air conditioning system.

Based on Australian Standards and the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) the following items are:

Recommended Quarterly

  • Check casing, wiring, insulation for corrosion and that all components are secure.
  • Check drains and drip trays are clear.
  • Check operation through heating and cooling sequences.
  • Check refrigerant charge through site glass where fitted.
  • Check for unusual noise and vibration.
  • Lubricate in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Check compressor for oil leaks.
  • Check condenser fan operation.
  • Clean filters.

Recommended Annually

  • Check condenser and evaporator coils for cleanliness.
  • Check and record on/off coil temperatures.
  • Check for broken frame supports and missing or loose bolts.
  • Check for loose or worn drive belts.
  • Check operation of reversing valve.
  • Check that all controls operate correctly.
  • Check for icing on coils and investigate if necessary.

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